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Retarded Ejaculation Treatment

So you’re looking for a Retarded Ejaculation Treatment huh? That’s great because I’ve been told that there is no cure which I have proven to be B.S!

My Dr. flat out told me that I would NOT be able to have a child naturally. He said that I should seriously consider IVF or Invitro Fertilization.He told me that was pretty much my only only option other than taking the anti-depressants I mentioned earlier.

Don’t get me wrong, I have nothing against IVF, I just know for a FACT that’s not the only option.
I used to stress over my inability to ejaculate. I could safely say it took over my life! That was all I ever thought about.

It got to a point where I stopped worrying and started doing something about it…since my doctor was clearly not able/willing to help me.

I hate to rehash things, but can you believe my doctor told me to take an anti-depressant? I can’t believe that guy. Needless to say, he’s not my doctor anymore.

Anyway, I started to research the disorder to find what could possibly help with my condition. I learned that Sudafed worked wonders for Retarded Ejaculation for many men.

That is right guys, Sudafed…the nasal decongestant. I’m not talking about the over the counter Sudafed, I’m talking about the Sudafed that you need to get from the Pharmacist because it has Pseudoephedrine. That’s the active ingredient that helps you ejaculate.

They’ll ask you for your driver’s license to verify that you’re not some Meth-Head using it to make illegal drugs at home.

How does Sudafed work?

The ingredients in Sudafed help the nerves in the bladder to work properly so when you ejaculate, the semen comes out the shaft of the penis rather than reverting back into the bladder.

The downside is you will need to take a fairly high dose of the Sudafed for the nerves in your bladder to work properly. When I say high dose, I mean  4-6 pills about 2 hours before activity.

I will caution that this should ONLY be done during the time you’re trying to conceive. Do not take the Sudafed on the days your partner isn’t ovulating. Also, do not take Sudafed for more than 5 days in a row as this may actually cause nasal congestion.

By the way, I am NOT a medical doctor, and the information shared here is just what I have found works for me. I have shared with many others with similar concerns, and they have reported awesome results, but again, I have to say that I AM NOT A MEDICAL DOCTOR.

Now, the Sudafed could help you to ejaculate, but some men have reported that they have a problem with semen volume and erection strength as well.

In that case I strongly suggest Semenex , VigRx and VigRx Oil

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There is hope guys. Do not allow your doctor discourage you from healing yourself…NATURALLY!


12 comments on “Retarded Ejaculation Treatment – Get Her Pregnant Today

  1. Rosey jakob on said:

    Hi, thank yo so much for posting a video and this website. It’s nice to know there is hope. We just found out that my husband has RE (type 1 diabetes). We are sad by it, but thank Gd we have a good doctor who gave us encouragement and prescribed sudafed. We will be trying this month. Can I ask you, how many children do you have?

    • Christopher Delano on said:

      Hi Rosey,
      If you can believe it we have 2 sets of twins! All boys by the way! Thanks for leaving a comment. ;-)

  2. Mikael on said:

    “When I say high dose, I mean 4-6 pills about 2 hours before activity.”

    Can you please specify exactly WHAT pills you mean. There are different kinds of Sudafed pills.

    • Christopher Delano on said:

      I’m sorry it too so long to get back to you. It’s been a little crazy lately. The pills I’m referring to are the Sudafed pills with the Pseudoephedrine. I also want to reiterate that I am not a doctor. I’m just sharing what I have done that has worked for me. I have shared this with many other people that have been successful with the above mentioned protocol.

  3. Hi,

    Thank you for your informative video and findings. I don’t have diabetes or didn’t take anti-depressant medications when my condition started. All I can think of is when I was a teenager I played soccer daily and was kicked very hard in the nuts. It hurt so bad that I almost passed out. This happen at the age when masturbating is a one – three times a day activity and I have never been able to ejaculate normally, instead it comes out in the urine. It is important to mention that not ejaculating, at times, has been very painful when the semen goes into the bladder. I believe that since semen is so strong and acidic, it gives a burning sensation in my bladder and until I pee three to four times the burning sensation goes away. A hot bath relieves the symptom faster, but it never is a good experience. My question is: if taking Sudafed is an option for when you want to conceive a child, have you come across and alternative for just recreational sex? It is embarrassing in my gay community not to come regularly. Please help.

    • Graham on said:

      Hi buddy im exact same as you no diabetes or prostate operations or medications. Im also gay yes its embarrassing and yes i get the pain and funny feeling on ejaculation and also the burning for a few days after and extreme frustration anger. Mine started a two years ago when i started wearing cock ring daily and i think it must push sperm back inside when you ejaculate causing retrograde ejaculation. I didn’t pick up on it soon enough as i still ejaculated a small amount and didn’t link it to the pain even though my ejaculations felt different. Did you have any luck with the sudafed? I have bitten the bullet to go to doctor tomorrow. To be honest i like to masturbate everyday sometimes multiple times a day so avoiding myself is miserable and anxiety through the roof. I dont think sudafed going to cut it if i cant take all the time? As im assuming one box doesnt cure it permanently. Did you find any other solutions/surgeries? I cant believe in this day or age there is no procedure to correct permanently. To be honest i dont think i can live on like this im not looking forward to anything lately just existing but would rather try everything first before giving up. Regards

  4. Yes I have retrograde ejaculation for a previous surgery due to cancer. What specific dose of sudafed do you take? Sudafed pills come in different milligrams(mg). How many milligrams are you taking? Also do you take the 12 hour ones or the 4 to 6 hr ones? Thanks for the help.

  5. anthony harrington-hadliegh on said:

    I have had H.O.L.E.P prostate surgery does the sudafed thing work in this instance? I did try it once but surely you have to drink gallons of sudafed to make you reverse RE.

  6. I want to let everyone know that this DOES work. I have had type 1 diabetes for 21 years and I have had RE for about 4 years. My wife and I are now expecting our first child. We tried for 5 months, whike tracking o ulation.

    The dosage that worked for me was 3 tablets of 12 hour name brand Sudafed approximately 2 hours before doing the deed. Also, drink as much water as you can after taking the pills. I’m talking a liter or more. This will help you produce more semen as well ensure that your bladder is full at the time of ejaculation, forcing the semen through the urethra.

    Take the pills, drink the water, don’t lose hope, and don’t give up. It works!

  7. What sudafed is it there is so many out there also can I get the one you mean in the uk

    • Christopher Delano on said:


      I’m not sure what’s available in the U.K, but here in the U.S the Sudafed that’s behind the pharmacists counter is the one you want. There is another thing I’ve found that works incredibly well. It’s from a Chinese Dr. in Florida. His name is Dr. Lin. He created some all natural formulas that work like gang busters. I’ll email you the information

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