Retrograde Ejaculation

Many astrologers will tell you that Mercury retrograde is a time when communication can go haywire. While there is some truth to that statement Mercury retrograde is much more than meets the eye. In addition to backing up your data, files, on computers, and taking extra care and caution when signing documents, Mercury retrograde is a time to catch up with projects that have been put aside.

Three times every year Mercury will give is a respite to collect our thoughts, revisit what we have been doing and taking stock of where we need to go. Give yourself a bit of a break and instead of always rushing ahead to be, do, and have more, this is a time to sit and allow the moment be perfect as it is.

Every time Mercury is retrograde there will have a different message. The message of Mercury retrograde for May of 2009 is rethinking how to bring into reality what you want in your life. Mercury is retrograde May 7th 2009 at 1:01am EDT and is direct May 30th at 9:22 PM EDT. Mercury begins its retrograde in Gemini, the sign that it has rulership in, and moves direct in Taurus. Gemini is about thinking and Taurus is about having. It is time to rethink what you have, what you need in life to make your life more enjoyable.

The energy of Gemini will give you many ideas of how it can be done, then as Mercury moves into Taurus he is connected with Neptune, the planet of creativity and confusion. You may be very confused about how to go about accomplishing your plan. This is part of the process for this retrograde. The purpose of Neptune clouding up the picture is that the idea that you have in your mind is eroded to give room for another concept or idea. When we already think we have the answer it obstructs other options. Your options on what to do next will not be completely obvious until Mercury moves past its shadow and back into Gemini on June 15th.

The right use of Mercury retrograde is dependant upon where the retrograde is happening in your own personal chart. If Mercury is moving retrograde in your house of finance, then rethink how you are spending money and redo your budget. If Mercury is moving retrograde in your house of partnerships and relationships, then it is good to reconnect and communicate with your significant other, and at time seriously reconsider if that person is the right person for you.

Starting a new semester when Mercury is retrograde in the house of education can bring a reversal of educational plans down the road. Sometimes changing majors, other times changing schools or perhaps dropping out of the semester due to severe unhappiness or unseen financial circumstances.

Each retrograde has a new message and although every Mercury retrograde is a good time to catch up on loose ends from the previous few months, this one is especially good to use creative visualization for the life you want to live. An astrologer interprets the symbols of astrology and somewhat like interpreting dreams. Therefore dream big, do not let the negative news of the world trap you into believing something that you don’t want. You might not see or know how to reach the lifestyle you want yet, but using the creative process you can put the energy in motion.

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